Performance Wellness Recovery



2004 - 1st Round Draft Pick

"Strides of CNY, LLC has had a huge impact on my performance, both on and off the ice.  My on-ice strength is unbelievable, especially in the corners digging for pucks and in my skating stride. Everything feels more powerful. And just from working out, my confidence level on the ice has sky rocketed and has given me the edge I need to play in the National Hockey League"


Corporate Wellness

I am the General Manager and Co-Owner of Performance Harley-Davidson. Over the past two years I have been working with strength & conditioning coach Mike Derecola owner of Strides of CNY. In the short time that I have worked with Mike I have not only increased my strength and mobility but, have also learned more about being strong and building a healthy body for the rest of my life. Strides is not a gym, it is an athletic training facility built on making individuals stronger, faster and more capable to achieve your performance goals. Mike and his staff take a one on one approach on teaching you the proper methods of achieving these goals, whether its to run faster, hit a golf ball further, or compete in a triathlon. Strides does not only target strength & conditioning but also offers a wide range of programs. Strides has a program for you. If becoming well is what you are looking for I strongly suggest sitting down with Mike and work out a program that is right for you... you won't be disappointed! In my business Performance is everything, so why wouldn't you want your staff to perform at their best. That's why this year I offered a corporate membership to my staff. They too have learned the value of performance and wellness. With the commitment of keeping their health, they have made Strides in their performance not only with their workouts, but with their performance on the job as well.


Wellness / Integrated Therapy Client

Strides is not just for athletes but for physically challenged hockey moms like me. I've been diagnosed with severe arthritis in my hips and was quickly losing my mobility. But thanks to Mike and the program he developed for my condition, look what I can do again! My pain has eased and my flexibility is returning. I'm even occasionally wearing heels again but shhhh don't tell my orthopedic doctor! If you have pain and losing mobility, I highly recommend contacting Strides of CNY and let them return your strength, flexibility, and quality of life!


Wellness / Integrated Therapy Client

I am a long distance runner, and came to Strides in May of 2014 with a long history of “self - inflicted” injuries. As a 52 year old athlete I was introduced to Strides by a friend whose collegiate athlete sons had been training with Strides for many years. I was hesitant as an “old guy” to train alongside such talented (and yes younger) athletes, but quickly realized that my age didn’t matter and I really needed the knowledge and experience that Mike brings to the science of training. Their training plans, made for me every day I train, meet my needs and my objectives. They are available to teach me good form, correct bad form and encourage me through my training sessions. More importantly to me, their depth of knowledge provides me with the ability to change my plans depending on how my body is reacting to the exercises they prescribe. I fit right in with the group that trains at Strides because they understand that training is a competition with ourselves, not with others. I have never been stronger or more fit and ready to race. I am grateful to have been recommended to Strides and that is why I wholeheartedly recommend Strides to you.


Professional MMA Fighter

"I've trained in mixed martial arts for 6 years and competed professionally for 4 years.  I always thought I was in great physical condition, but when I needed to prepare for the next level of competition, I came to Strides.  The staff is incredibly knowledgeable and hard working.  You can tell they truly have a passion for what they do.  They took my strength and conditioning to a whole new level.  They will design a workout specifically for you and whatever you're looking to improve in, and my fight game has been reaping huge rewards in strength, explosiveness, and endurance.  I highly recommend any athlete looking to take their game to the next level to check out Strides of CNY".


2006 - 43rd Round Draft Pick

"After coming to Strides of CNY, I saw a great increase in my strength, while at the same time; I improved my speed and quickness. The Strides program is based on mobility and explosiveness which was different than my past programs. For their new approach to strength training is much more effective than the 'old way'. I recommend all youth and adult athletes in the Central New York area to take advantage of Strides of CNY"


Professional Hockey Player

"I have trained at several different places around Central New York through my career and I have never seen results like I saw during one summer at Strides of CNY. The program at Strides provides a perfect balance of strength, speed, agility and flexibility. On the ice I feel like I am getting to my spots quicker and I am more prepared for the physical battles for the puck. I recommend this program for any serious athlete looking to take their game to the next level. "


Professional Hockey Player

"Strides of CNY has helped me become the athlete I am today. The staff knows how to push you to your limits and make you better every time you step into the gym. When it comes to Strides it's not easy but it is an opportunity for you to put yourself into the best shape of your life and have a chance to make it to the next level."


Former Head Coach - Women's Lacrosse

"After working with Strides of CNY our team has completely reinvented themselves both physically and mentally.  We have noticed a tremendous difference in our players speed and strength, as well as, in their mental toughness and tenacity.  I would highly recommend working with Strides if you are looking to improve yourself as an athlete and/or take your game to the next level!"


Head Coach - Softball

"Working with Strides of CNY has made me realize my teams full potential. Strides of CNY has taken them to the next level by making them stronger, quicker, faster and more agile. Mike's dedication and work ethic clearly shows how dedicated he is".


Former Head Coach - Softball

"Our team has had the privilege to work with the strength coaches at Strides of CNY, Michael and Matt. Throughout the year we worked on strength, balance, quickness and all other essential aspects of training. The tools that they helped us improve on are tools that the athletes use every day on the field of play and in the weight room. Our athlete's technique, skill, knowledge and work ethic grew tremendously. Thanks to them we had a substantial head start when our season opened at Oswego State and we maintained those workouts during the season. We saw fewer injuries and made a lot of gains offensively and defensively! For example; offensively, more  of our players were hitting for power and defensively athletes were tracking and getting to balls that they were not getting to the year before". "Michael provided a tailor-made workout routine that details exactly what to do depending on your individual goals. Their routines are challenging and fun. The workouts change often so that your body is constantly adapting to the new physical regimen. I myself have seen tremendous results from decreased injuries, better cardiovascular ability, and increased muscle strength. Both strength coaches are great motivators in the weight room. They know how hard to push to keep the results coming. Michael truly cares about the clients and I can't recommend Strides of CNY highly enough. We are looking forward to our next preseason already!"


Professional Soccer Player

"Last winter I started training with Strides of CNY before playing professional soccer overseas, where I competed in one of my best seasons. Strides helped me not only get stronger, but faster and more explosive. Unlike other weight lifting programs I have been placed on where I became bigger and slower, lifting was finally enjoyable and beneficial. The workouts are specially made to help performance, which indeed they do; I led the league in goals and felt stronger and quicker than I ever have. I was overseas for almost 7 months while Strides sent me weekly workouts based around my practice and game schedule, they not only helped me reach my peak, they helped me maintain it while in season. I got back a few weeks ago and was eager to get back into my off-season training at Strides. Mike genuinely cares about the clients and helping them enhance their performance and I highly recommend Strides of CNY."


Wellness Client

"I began working out at Strides of CNY one year ago.  I had been working out at Planet Fitness and other area gyms and just wasn’t seeing any significant results and my workouts were boring. At the time, Mike recommended the boot camp class and an open training program as well as a healthy diet plan (Precision Nutrition) and the rest is history.  I came in at 20% body fat and am currently at 12% and have lost close to 30 pounds of fat while adding lean muscle.  The open training and boot camp classes change every week so the workouts never get boring.  I am faster, stronger, and my flexibility has increased significantly over the past year.   If you want to improve your overall health and fitness level I highly recommend Strides of CNY."